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Overmoulding Materials

Low pressure moulding materials

Our overmoulding services are based on Henkel Corporation’s brand of thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives called Macromelt – or more recently called Technomelt.

This material consistently provides excellent results, as our electronics team create high quality, durable overmoulding projects using Henkel Corporation technology.

Characteristics of macromelt

While there are a number of alternatives, we have chosen to work closely with the compounds from Henkel Corporation because this method provides a cost effective, reliable product that offers superior sealing while consistently creating projects to a high quality with a positive effect on the environment.

Macromelt thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives are based on natural fatty acids. They show good adhesion to plastics like PA6.6, ABS and PVC, and have low temperature flexibility with a wide service temperature range.

Offering superior overmoulding properties, each grade of material is also available in both amber and black. Some bespoke colours are available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key considerations

Moisture and solvent resistance requirements will be key factors in selecting a specific grade of material – the softer materials generally offer the best adhesive properties. It is also important to be aware that most Macromelt moulding materials do not have good resistance to solvents in combination with mechanical stress.

But you don’t need to worry, we’ll be there for you offering our manufacturing guidance and expertise to support you across the entirety of the project. Leave the details to us.

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Low Pressure Moulding Materials
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Macromelt/Technomelt® Material Data Sheet

Material Test OM 652 OM 6208 OM 633 OM 641 OM 673
Properties Method OM 657 OM 6208S OM 638 OM 646 OM 678
Color  amber/black  amber/black  amber/black  amber/black  amber/black
Specific gravity, S.G.  0.98  0.98  0.98  0.98  0.98
Service Temperature, °C  -40 to +100  -40 to +100  -40 to +130  -40 to +130  -40 to +140
Viscosity @ +210C ( mPa.s )  4000  3000  3500  7000  3000
Hardness @ 25°C, shore A ISO 868/15S  77  78  90  92  88
Hardness @ 125°C, shore A ISO 868/15S  N/A  N/A  65  63  63
Softening point, ball & ring, °C ASTM E28 155  +155  +175  +175  +185
Cold Flexibility °C ASTM D3111  -45  -42  -36  -35  -50
Moulding temperature, °C  180 to 230  190 to 230  200 to 240  210 to 240  210 to 240
Viscosity @ 210° C, mPas ASTM D3236  4100  3600  3700  7000  3400
Dielectric constant @ 1kHz  6.2 / 6.3  6.1 / 6.3  4.5 / 4.7  5.1 / 5.5  4.9 / 4.9
Volume resistivity, Ohm cm  1.9×10¹²  1.9×10¹²  1.9×10¹²  1.9×10¹²  1.9×10¹²
Dielectric strength, kV / mm  >20kV/mm  >20kV/mm  >20kV/mm  >20kV/mm  >20kV/mm
Flammability rating UL94 File E182771 V-0  V-0  V-0  V-0  V-0
Special Properties  Good cold flexibility  RTI value for 6208S 95C
Adhesion Properties
Substrate Type
PA6.6 Good Good Moderate Moderate Moderate
PVC Good Good Good Excellent Good
ABS Good Good Moderate Moderate Moderate