The Six Nations: What Part Do Electronics Play?

The Six Nations Championship is one of the oldest surviving rugby traditions — and among the best-attended sporting events in the world. Long gone are the days of old, wooden scoreboards or watching the game on a fuzzy, low-quality TV. See those gigantic screens at the stadium? The ones at the pub? Even the ones [...]

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Soft Electronics: How Far Have They Come?

The world around us is rarely flat — so, it was only a matter of time before the rigid technology we have become accustomed to started to evolve into something altogether more malleable. Flexible — or “soft” — electronics can be manufactured using identical components to those used for rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs), whilst [...]

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The Role of PCBs in Everyday Life

  Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are now an integral part of everyday life across a variety of different industries — from medical and automotive to telecommunications and consumer electronics. But how did we get to this point? Like many other great inventions, the PCB that we know today was built on a foundation of advancements [...]

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A Partner with a Plan: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Choosing an electronics manufacturing services partner is never a straightforward decision. There are a number of different factors to consider first with cost, quality, location and the reputation of the partner all coming into play. But an often-overlooked factor is their Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) – which should provide a clear vision of how the [...]

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Will the Shortage of Electronic Components Affect Your Manufacturing?

With technology changing on a daily basis and demand for new products at unprecedented levels how are the electronic component manufacturers coping.  Are there enough parts to go around? As experienced manufacturers of state of the art products such as wearable sports tech, computer tablets and advanced, ground-breaking virtual reality equipment, we are used to [...]

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New Product Introduction: Don’t Go It Alone

We understand the arduous task of developing the right product in a highly competitive market in order to showcase your business; adhering to time constraints and staying on track with costings, can be daunting. However a New Product Introduction, or NPI, is fundamental in the provision of electronic product manufacturing. Are you concerned your company [...]

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Tech Pioneer Innovating Supply Chain And IoT

Electronics devices and circuits have become increasingly miniscule, allowing all kinds of goods and products to become connective – powering the Internet of Things. But now they’re also set to become more flexible – literally – with the first flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) being brought to market by PragmatIC. Scott White sees an application for [...]

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Mechatronics – Mechanics And Electronics Working Together

When electronics and mechanics meet we get mechatronics. A great example of this is your car - electronics drive the mechanics within most modern vehicles. Similarly, robots are clearly mechatronic systems; microcontrollers and PCBs control their mechanical functionality. Look around at your office or home and you'll find many more examples of mechanics and electronics [...]

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How Do Electronics Manufacturers Really Add Value To The Supply Chain?

Electronic manufacturers are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding suppliers for their PCBs and box build assemblies. Or are they? While there are numerous suppliers and electronics contract manufacturers around the world vying for their business, how do they really add value to the supply chain? That’s one of the key differentiating factors [...]

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