The Advantage of Prototyping Cable Assembly

In our experience there are many engineers who design cable assemblies without prototyping them first. While they will spend a lot of time designing the assembly and specifying components, the practicalities of manufacturing cable assembly are not always explored. By prototyping cable assembly before it goes to manufacture, you can avoid many common issues further [...]

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Managing Electronics Projects on Demand

Short timescales and high production values do not always go hand in hand. Many electronics manufacturing projects are months in the planning to ensure that products are delivered on time and to the highest quality standards. But if you have an ad hoc project that needs to be delivered fast, you don’t have to compromise [...]

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EC’s new facilities and how to utilise us!

You may have read recently about our investment programme and how EC Electronics has invested in new machinery, premises and service improvements. While these developments are good for our business – increasing our capacity and improving our bottom line – they are also good for our existing and new customers. Here we explain why. New [...]

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How will PCB affect the future of technology?

The future of technology holds limitless possibilities; at EC we are looking to contribute to the future of technology with innovate, forward thinking. To thrive in the future, it’s important to understand the past.   Where did the PCB journey start? A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and connects electronic components using conductive tracks, [...]

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PCBs, How Small Can You Go?

Over the years our PCB Assembly team have seen many changes to this essential component in electronic products. Most noticeably PCBs are getting smaller and smaller, which is a key factor in the innovation of the electronics industry. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) can now be just a few millimetres square and this micro-technology is what’s [...]

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What Is Product Realisation?

Product Realisation is the turnkey solution of taking an idea and allowing it to reach its potential by bringing the product to market. Ultimately, this solution can help roll your product off the production line and ship it to customers. Many innovative ideas never get off the starting blocks because their creators struggle to get [...]

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles…and Electronics!

Across the UK there is a booming electronics industry comprising numerous firms engineering electronic components for the automotive, aeronautic and marine sectors. Our technology is in Volvo cars, Jaguar Land Rover, JCB tractors and rail control systems for Bombardier Transportation. We work with many engineering firms who supply technology solutions to the transportation industry, supplying [...]

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Acquisition of Hunter Cable Assemblies Ltd

EC Electronics are pleased to announce the acquisition of Hunter Cable Assemblies Ltd (HCAL) from Arcum Ltd. EC Electronics have a strategy of long-term growth by acquisition and adding HCAL to the group represents a major step forward with these plans.  The synergies between the two businesses are strong and HCALs established a foothold in [...]

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EC complete ISO 9001 re-certification

Kevin Osgood, EC's Group Quality  Manager comments: "After a total of 6 days’ successful auditing with no non-compliances at our operational sites in the UK, Romania and Hong Kong our new ISO9001 certificate has been issued. Thanks for everyone’s efforts prior to, and during, the audits. Certification to this standard is a prerequisite to trading [...]

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