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About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the best in class Electronics Manufacturing Services partner for OEMs and product innovators.

EC Electronics continuously improves production techniques, logistics and engineering to provide superior value and consultancy to customers.

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Global Footprint

Operating internationally in the Electronics Manufacturing Services industry, we deliver a high level of service to customers from a wide range of markets throughout the UK and Europe. From our headquarters and manufacturing operations in the UK, and our wholly owned subsidiary operations in Romania and Hong Kong, we provide customers with high quality reliable solutions to their manufacturing and supply chain requirements. Our manufacturing facilities provide fast turn round, new product introduction for PCB and Cable Assemblies together with high end product integration skills to build low volume complete assemblies.

Our Romanian operation mirrors the UK’s facilities with a full range of manufacturing services for customers requiring regularly scheduled, higher volume production at competitive prices. Our UK based Materials and Logistics team supports our manufacturing operations with worldwide procurement of components and products, together with fully integrated MRP across all our sites. Central to this operation is our Supply Chain Solutions company that delivers cost down on materials to our manufacturing services business, as well as supplying directly to our customers.

With its procurement and logistics office based in Hong Kong, EC Supply Chain Solutions sources a wide range of materials and components used in manufacturing electronics based products. Regularly audited manufacturers in China and the South East Asian region form the supplier base for EC Supply Chain Solutions. They supply PCB bare boards, cables, power supplies, transformers, LED’s, metal and plastic parts and many other items.

We also now offer a new service to protect our customers electronics using Low Pressure Over-Moulding (LPO). This service can encapsulate components and protect them from dust, vibration, shock and water damage. It is offered to customers as part of our turn key manufacturing process, or as a service on its own.



EC Electronics donations for Romanian orphanages

In 1990 the world was stunned by what was revealed about conditions in Romanian orphanages. The pictures of starving, freezing children had a huge impact. Not all the children in the orphanages were actual orphans. Many had been abandoned by desperately poor families who had been forced to have more children than necessary as part of Ceausescu’s insane population building policy.

In November 2001, the European Commission, in its report on Romania’s progress towards accession, reported that some 130,000 children were in need of special protection, with circa 80,000 already living in residential care. While conditions have improved since then, the practice of abandoning children continues.

Many Romanians cannot afford birth control and cannot care for their children. For them, leaving a newborn at an orphanage is a solution. Apart from disability, illness or abuse, the psychological damage suffered in this type of institution is deep-rooted and more difficult to address than physical effects. Many orphans are far from recovering psychologically. This lack of human contact, colour, variety, stimulation, understanding and concern almost always leads to developmental delay.

Is there improvement? – Yes, but it is not immediate and not for all. The pace is slow. Some policies that led to this situation have been totally eliminated (such as the forced population policy and lack of contraception) which led to the abandonment of children through poverty.

Other factors, like lack of training for care givers and attitudes to disability and the present poverty produced by the transition to a market economy, are now on the government’s agenda as well as serious reform at the heart of child care in Romania.

EC Electronics staff dedicated to help local orphanage

EC Electronic’s factory in Petrosani, Romania, is located a short distance from one of the country’s largest orphanages.

Our Romanian factory staff are extremely aware of the issues covered above, and are determined to do what they can to help. They feel the best input is to donate practical help directly via the staff running the orphanage, thus avoiding the potential for institutional corruption along the way. This help is takes the form of clothes, toys and money, which via this direct route, has an immediate positive effect on the children’s well being. EC’s staff in the UK donate on a regular basis.

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